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What Sets Miller Auto Apart from the Rest?

We stand behind our vehicles and we care about our customers. We realize that people need a reliable vehicle and when they purchase a pre-owned vehicle it is a major purchase that greatly effects their lives. Our goal is to have that effect be positive and not a burden. We understand when you purchase a pre-owned vehicle from Miller Auto you are putting your trust in our hands, and we don’t take that lightly.

At Miller Auto we thoroughly inspect and drive each vehicle a minimum of 200 miles prior to the vehicle being offered for sale. Pre-owned vehicles can have issues and we do our best to address all issues we can identify prior to selling the vehicle. The thorough inspection and extended test drive helps us uncover unseen issues and get a real feel for the vehicle prior to the vehicle sale.

We replace any worn items such as brakes, wheel bearings, tires, steering and suspension components. We know there is nothing worse than purchasing a pre-owned vehicle and immediately needing to perform maintenance on the vehicle you just bought. If the brakes are close to the end of their useful life, we replace them! If there is an unsafe steering or suspension component, we replace it! We do not just obtain a vehicle, put it on our lot and hope for the best. We just couldn’t take that gamble with our customers.

We have found driving the vehicles for 200 plus miles helps us identify issues such as hidden check engine lights and codes that have may been cleared from any of the many control modules that the vehicle may have. We will not just “clear the codes” on a vehicle and hope they don’t come back. Our goal is to find any issue the vehicle may have, address and repair that issue so it doesn’t happen to you after you purchase the vehicle.

Even with our thorough test drive and inspection things still happen. Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball and can’t see the things that are unable to be seen. However, we have a saying. “Things happen, it is how you handle those things that define you.” Allow us to give you an example of this. We recently sold a pre-owned vehicle to a customer. The vehicle is in great shape with low mileage. Two days after their purchase the turn signals, bright headlights and power locks all stopped working at the same time. How could we know this was going to happen? Well, we couldn’t know it was going to happen, but we felt terrible that it did happen! Did we tell the customer they were on their own? Absolutely not! We would never do something like that. We had our customer bring the vehicle back to us and gave them a loaner vehicle while we diagnosed the issue. After trouble shooting the issue, we found the body control module decided it just didn’t want to work properly anymore. We installed a new body control module, programmed it for the vehicle and everything works again with no cost to the customer. We didn’t ask our customer to pay for the part, or pay for the labor, we took care of it. This is how we handle things. We understand it is an inconvenience when things like this happen and we feel it should not be the customer’s burden alone to deal with it.

We don’t sell used vehicles; we sell reconditioned vehicles. We sell vehicles we are confident in and if we are not confident in the vehicle it doesn’t get sold. It is as simple as that. If something happens after the sale, we work hard to make the solution as painless and quick as possible. This is what we feel makes Miller Auto stand out from the rest!

If you are in search of a pre-owned vehicle, we would love for you to take a look at our vehicle inventory and if you don’t see what you are looking for in stock give us a call and we will work hard to find you the vehicle you are looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to read our short article and if you found this interesting and would like us to do more articles like this in the future let us know and follow us on our Facebook Page, Twitter or leave a comment below.

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