Why Purchase a Pre-Owned Vehicle from Miller Auto?

There are many sources to obtain a pre-owned vehicle. In nearly every town or city you can usually find multiple used car dealerships. On Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, you are sure to find the exact make and model you are looking for. The difficult part of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is finding one at a good price and one that is a good quality vehicle.

Let’s talk first about purchasing a vehicle from a private individual. One benefit of purchasing a vehicle from a private individual is in many cases they have owned the vehicle for a while so they should know quite a lot about the vehicle and the vehicle’s history. If they maintained the vehicle, they should be able to tell you about its service history and provide you service records on the vehicle. When shopping for a pre-owned vehicle from a private [...]


Over the last year we have been doing extensive research into the electric vehicle (EV) market for the purpose of becoming the leading pre-owned EV dealer in our area. Recently, we acquired a 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD to expand our knowledge and give us hands-on experience. We have had the Tesla for three weeks and here is some of the knowledge we have gained since we obtained it.

We love the roar of an internal combustion engine, the feeling of the engine working to increase speed and the feeling of the transmission shifting. I believe most car people have what I call mechanical remorse. To explain, mechanical remorse is that feeling after you have floored a car, while the engine is doing all it can to provide you all the acceleration and power it [...]

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