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Why Purchase a Pre-Owned Vehicle from Miller Auto?

There are many sources to obtain a pre-owned vehicle. In nearly every town or city you can usually find multiple used car dealerships. On Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, you are sure to find the exact make and model you are looking for. The difficult part of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is finding one at a good price and one that is a good quality vehicle.

Let’s talk first about purchasing a vehicle from a private individual. One benefit of purchasing a vehicle from a private individual is in many cases they have owned the vehicle for a while so they should know quite a lot about the vehicle and the vehicle’s history. If they maintained the vehicle, they should be able to tell you about its service history and provide you service records on the vehicle. When shopping for a pre-owned vehicle from a private party, prepare to log some miles and invest a significant amount of time to find the right vehicle and don’t be afraid to walk away from a purchase. Miller Auto looks at the private selling market regularly for vehicle acquisition and a good number of vehicles we look at on Marketplace or Craigslist we walk away from. Most of the time, the reason we walk away from the purchase is because the seller didn’t accurately describe the vehicle and, in most cases, took pictures of the vehicle in a way to hide any significant issues. Pre-owned vehicles sold by a private party are sold as-is. Meaning once you complete the transaction and drive away you are on your own. The private party has no reputation to uphold, no standards they need to meet. Most likely this vehicle will be the only vehicle they sell in years so all they wish to do is make their vehicle go away, take the proceeds from the sale and go on with their lives. If there is an issue with the vehicle or they didn’t disclose an issue with the vehicle there really is no negative impact for the private party seller because that isn’t what their reputation hinges on. If you don’t know the mechanics of a vehicle, we strongly suggest you take someone with you that has some knowledge of vehicles or take it to a trusted auto repair shop and have it inspected prior to your purchase.

When Miller Auto purchases a vehicle, whether from a trade in, private party, or automotive auction we thoroughly inspect the vehicle. We check all the vehicles fluids, perform any maintenance needed, inspect, and replace any worn items on the vehicle and we perform a complete vehicle computer diagnostic of every vehicle we obtain prior to offering it for sale. We also pull an AutoCheck Report on each vehicle which upon request we provide to any prospective buyers. The AutoCheck Report will disclose how many owners the vehicle had, any previous reported accidents the vehicle was involved in, service history for the vehicle, and any odometer mileage discrepancies. In addition to our thorough inspection and repair process we drive the vehicles. We don’t just take the vehicles for a couple mile test drive, call it good, and throw it out on our lot. We drive the vehicles we sell typically, hundreds of miles because we want to do our best to be sure the vehicle will be trouble free after its purchase.

Our goal is to sell quality vehicles at a fair price. That is easier said than done in the market right now. We could have and want to have 20, 30, 40 or more vehicles in our inventory right now but we will not overpay for vehicles and in turn over price the vehicles when selling to our customers. Every vehicle we have listed is being sold below fair market retail price. Could we pay more and ask more for the vehicles we sell? Sure, we could, but by doing that we would not be providing the level of service or quality for the price that we feel our customers deserve. We work hard to find solid and reliable vehicles that we can sell at a great price so after you purchase the vehicle from Miller Auto you are not “under water” when you drive off our lot.

Miller Auto does not use pressure sell tactics to entice our prospective buyers to purchase our vehicles. We believe every vehicle we have will sell and they will sell to a customer that decided to purchase the vehicle because they truly want the vehicle not because a salesman talked them into it. We let the vehicle sell itself as every quality vehicle should do.

If you are in search of a pre-owned vehicle, we would love for you to take a look at our vehicle inventory and if you don’t see what you are looking for in stock give us a call and we will work hard to find you the vehicle you are looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to read our short article and if you found this interesting and would like us to do more articles like this in the future let us know on our Facebook or twitter or leave a comment below.

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