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Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y Towing and Transport Instructions

We receive calls frequently asking how to properly tow and transport Tesla vehicles from other towing companies and decided it would be in the public interest to make a simple page where owners and towing companies can both obtain Tesla towing and transport instructions quickly and easily. Below you can find links directly to Tesla’s transport instructions for your year and model.

We believe both the towing service provider as well as the owner of the Tesla in need of towing service should be aware of the procedures necessary to safely transport a Tesla without causing damage to the vehicle. While Tesla has made the towing and transport procedures public, we realized that the towing procedures are not easily accessible for towing companies or Tesla owners.

Knowledge of the towing procedures for the tow operator is critical in providing safe and professional service to the Tesla owner and knowledge of the Tesla owner can help a tow operator that is a professional in their field but lacks experience in transporting Tesla vehicles.

Feel free to bookmark this page and refer to it when towing services are required. Each set of instructions are a quick read and will give owners quick insight and towing professionals confidence in performing proper procedures when towing or transporting a Tesla.

Model S

2012-2020 Model S – Transport and Towing Instructions
2021+ Model S – Transport and Towing Instructions

Model 3

All Model Years Model 3 – Transport and Towing Instructions

Model X

2015-2020 Model X – Transport and Towing Instructions
2021+ Model X – Transport and Towing Instructions

Model Y

All Model Years Model Y – Transport and Towing Instructions

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